7 Unbelievably Cheap Hotels In The World That Are Literally A Bucket Of Money

7 Unbelievably Cheap Hotels In The World That Are Literally A Bucket Of Money

Travelling on vacation can be expensive, but in some cases you might actually come across some unbelievably cheap hotels that give you more bang for your buck. However, with the invention of AI-powered software like Google Assistant, there's a chance this could change. Find out which hotels are still worth it - and which ones are not! This article explores 7 hotels all around the world that are so cheap, you'll be stunned. These hotels are not only low-priced but they also have incredibly high ratings and a ton of positive reviews. Read on to learn more about these 7 unbelievable hotels in the world!

7 Unbelievably Cheap Hotels In The World That Are Literally A Bucket Of Money

A bucket of money is exactly what these hotels are worth. They offer the best in luxurious accommodations and amenities with prices that you can't beat. They are all located in some of the most desirable locations around the world and are perfect for your next vacation or getaway. There are many hotels that are available for less than $100 a night. These hotels sometimes offer amenities like Wi-Fi and breakfast, but they don't charge anything extra for these things. The cheapest hotel in the world is the Hotel San Jose in Bolivia which has rooms starting at 99 Bolivianos a night ($7). Some people may think that extravagant hotels are meant for rich people. However, some of the most luxurious and expensive hotels in the world have surprisingly affordable rates. Some of these ridiculously cheap hotels include The Lenox Hotel in New York City, a 168-room hotel that costs $8 USD a night. Another affordable option is the Aloft Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. This hotel costs only $99 USD per night and includes a free breakfast buffet and complimentary WiFi.

Hotel in America

In America, the average hotel cost starts at $266.73 and goes up to $720.00 for a five-star hotel. This is because of expensive labor rates, high taxes, and expensive materials. In Europe, you can find hotels for as low as $44. To give you an idea on how cheap these hotels are, the most expensive room in America is $311!

Hotel in Asia

Want to find a cheap hotel that's worth your money? Book yourself a room in one of these amazing hotels. 1. Stay at the Lodge Hostel in Suwon, Korea for $3/night 2. Stay at the Hotel Felicidad in Lima, Peru for $2/night 3. Stay at the Hotel San José in Cartagena, Colombia for $3.50/night

Hotel in Europe

Karla's Inn was an average four star hotel in Havana, Cuba. The rooms were clean and the hotel had a swimming pool, but it wasn't anything special other than that. It was inexpensive though, with a price tag of $23 per night. That's just over $1 a day.

Hotel in the Middle East

If you are looking for cheap but luxurious accommodations in the Middle East, then look no further than this hotel. This hotel is located in Dammam, Saudi Arabia and offers luxury amenities at a low price. The hotel offers amazing views of the city, which can be enjoyed from the outdoor pool or by taking a ride in one of their motorized water sport boats! The rooms are designed with a modern yet traditional style and come equipped with contemporary amenities such as an espresso machine and free WiFi.

Hotel in North America

Western Europe has a number of cheaper options that are out of this world. However, you may not want to travel across the world for a cheap bed. If you are on a budget, look around for other local places to spend the night.


The conclusion of the article is that there are hotels that are unbelievably cheap, but really good. They are in some of the best places on Earth and they're worth every penny.


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